Mukurtu (MOOK-oo-too) is a free and open source content management system (CMS), digital archive and community-driven access platform built in collaboration with Indigenous communities. It is a grassroots project that empowers communities to curate, manage, display and share their digital materials in culturally relevant and ethically-minded ways, by providing:

1) Local cultural protocols that designate access parameters at granular levels for digital heritage items, dictionary words, and collections, determining who has access to what, when and how;

2) Cultural Narrative and Traditional Knowledge fields customizable for curating content alongside standard Dublin Core metadata fields;

3) Multiple layers of community narration or “Community Records” for all material, which allow for having multiple sets of metadata for any item or group of items.

4) Flexible and localized licensing and labeling options, including Traditional Knowledge (TK) Labels, to better serve Indigenous needs around IP rights and copyright.

5) A Dictionary and Curriculum tools designed in collaboration with Native communities.

6) Overall configuration and customization of each site according to the cultural, social and linguistic needs of any size community, cultural center, library, archive or museum.

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