The California Native Hub at UCLA’s American Indian Studies Center (AISC) is the informative site for the California region’s Mukurtu Hub. The Hub aims to provide support and training to tribal communities and organizations interested in setting up their own localized Mukurtu sites. 

The California Native Hub provides:

  • Localized training/workshops for developing and maintaining Mukurtu sites. 
  • Assistance with digital collection management
  • Assistance with digitization projects
  • Mukurtu testing on our demo site [add link]

Each Hub creates “user stories” based on the needs of their community users (Spokes), ensuring that future development within Mukurtu is driven directly by community needs as they define and document them.

The Hub’s first priority is to help communities build digital archives that foster relationships of respect and trust while enabling healthy collaborations.


Supported by the American Indian Studies Center at UCLA in partnership with Washington State University through a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.